An Integrated Health Approach to Help Young Adults Impacted by Traumatic Events

When young adults experience trauma at one or more times in their lives, there is an impact on their health, both mental and physical. Their ability to cope with day-to-day life is affected, and their future experiences can be overwhelming. Young adults who have experienced trauma can be helped by those they love, as well as care specialists and physicians, through an integrated health approach that creates a safe environment in which they can work through their difficulties in the wake of trauma.

person centered language and recover represented by people holding hands

Person-Centered Language and Recovery: What You Need to Know

Despite the positive steps that our society has taken regarding the discussion of mental health and substance use disorders, they continue to be misunderstood and stigmatized. There are many reasons for this but one is related to the language that has long been used to describe behavioral health – mental illness and addiction – and those whom it affects.