New Vitae Addiction and Co-Occurring Services

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Located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers specialized services for drug and alcohol and co-occurring diagnoses. We provide intensive, integrated, person-centered supports that have been shown to support the achievement of recovery goals. To learn more about New Vitae addiction and co-occurring services, contact us today.

Services begin with a holistic assessment that identifies current recovery challenges and assists with generating goals. This process can be accelerated in order to initiate supports quickly. Service participants can select a variety of supports, including psychiatric appointments as well as individual, family, and group therapies to learn new ways to manage personal stressors and symptoms. New Vitae utilizes The Recovery Model in order to ensure culturally and spiritually informed services that emphasize hope. Recovery is viewed as an individualized journey that emphasizes psychoeducation to overcome obstacles. Family members, friends, and peers are invited to offer supportive encouragement throughout the process, with family educational sessions planned on a monthly basis.

Our Addiction and Co-Occurring supports include day and evening hours to ensure flexible scheduling.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

A co-occurring issue, or a dual diagnosis, as some treatment centers refer to them, is when a person experiences addiction and mental health problems at the same time. This condition is not uncommon. In fact, according to the United States government, nearly a third of people who have an addiction also have with mental health problems.

Sometimes, the mental health condition drives the addiction. A person may battle with PTSD, anxiety, or depression, and because they have no other way to handle the symptoms, they choose to drink or do drugs. Other times, addiction can result in mental illness. A person may drink or use drugs, causing a mental health disorder to occur as a result.

It is essential for a person who battles with both an addiction and mental illness to get treatment for both conditions simultaneously. If you only seek treatment for your addiction but leave your mental illness untreated, the symptoms of your condition will return unhampered. Without the tools to manage these symptoms, you may return to your past patterns of addiction out of desperation.

Conversely, if you only seek treatment for the mental illness, your drug or alcohol use may cause your mental illness to get worse. It could also cause other mental illnesses to appear.

However, when you get treatment for a co-occurring disorder, we give you the treatment you need for both conditions at once. We can offer you tools to manage your mental illness symptoms and provide you with medication to help you handle them better. Moreover, we can also provide you with the tools that you need to avoid cravings and temptations to use drugs or alcohol again.

Get Treatment Using New Vitae Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we are committed to helping you end your addiction and co-occurring disorder. We offer several exceptional treatment programs to help you achieve recovery, and our staff members can give you the tools you need for long term sobriety.

With our New Vitae addiction and co-occurring services, you don’t need to feel alone anymore. We offer several treatment programs that we’ve specifically designed to address the needs of several groups at risk for these conditions, including young adults and veterans. Moreover, we will not rest until you are happy with your recovery.

Aren’t you tired of living in the shadow of addiction and a co-occurring disorder? If so, it’s time to seek New Vitae addiction and co-occurring services. To learn more, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery. Get more information on our services and answer to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) when you call 610.928.5200.