The New Vitae Wellness Foundation has been established to further educate and advocate for individuals and families who experience behavioral health, brain injury, addiction, and other recovery challenges. With an understanding that these challenges can significantly impact both the person affected, as well as their families, we emphasize the importance of hope, help, and community. The New Vitae Wellness Foundation provides education and support in regard to a variety of brain and mental health issues. For more information about our education programs, contact the New Vitae Wellness Foundation today by calling 610.928.5200.

What is the Mission of the New Vitae Wellness Foundation?

At the New Vitae Wellness Foundation, we strive to provide professional discussion, community support, research, and education to those in the behavioral health, addiction, and brain injury community as well as the public at large. Through the foundation, we aim to create a community that individuals, families, and communities can rely on in challenging times. We also work to increase connections between people to reduce isolation and stigma that can be associated with behavioral health conditions.

Our Vision:

At the New Vitae Wellness Foundation, we are proud to share our vision. These goals include:

  • Expanding our reach by creating and growing community supports such as housing solutions, clinical and educational programs, and public health screening events.
  • Mobilizing the community to increase understanding of evidence-based behavioral health, addiction, and brain injury services while reducing stigma through education.
  • Strengthening our Network through staff development and research to ensure effective outcomes.

Our Values:

At the New Vitae Wellness Foundation, we know that what we value can strongly determine the direction of the group. As such, we have turned our focus onto a set of core values that reflect our mission:

  • Collaboration with universities, organizations, businesses, and communities
  • Education for professionals and the community to make informed healthcare decisions
  • Innovation to bring new programs to those in need
  • Accessibility to services for those with immediate needs
  • Compassion in the delivery of a variety of health services
  • Support for people with an array of challenges.


Upcoming Event

Best Practices for Wellness, Mindfulness and Boundaries Related to Mental Health – December 7, 2023

We often have events relating to the New Vitae wellness foundation. These events may include volunteer opportunities, education, and training on specific behavioral health issues, or discussions with behavioral health professionals. To learn more about our scheduled events, contact us today.


Past Events

Life Expectancy and Neurobehavioral, Psychiatric, and Emotional Changes after Brain Injury – September 26, 2023

The LGBTQ+ Community & Substance Use Disorders – June 14, 2023

Jeff Gould: Identifying Undiagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury – June 24, 2021

Emotional Regulation as Treatment for Suicidal Behavior: Training and Discussion  – September 11, 2020

Heather Hayes: Nation Held Hostage-October 3, 2019

Resistant Depression Training-November 28, 2018

Kevin Hines’ Suicide: The Ripple Effect, Feature Length Documentary Film-May 11, 2018

Brain Injury: Effects and Interventions Training-March 22, 2018

The Opioid Crisis: Understanding and Awareness Training for the Public-February 27, 2018

Recovering from Military Trauma-November 13, 2017

Trauma and Addiction: Training with Dr. Joseph A. Troncale-August 10, 2017

Surviving the Bridge: Hope, Healing, Recovery-October 5, 2016

News and Resources

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Contact New Vitae Wellness Foundation

The New Vitae Wellness Foundation is proud to support individuals, families, and communities challenged by behavioral health, addiction, and brain injury needs. When you support the New Vitae Wellness Foundation, we are able to provide education about a variety of mental health issues and how to manage them. We also can provide resources for getting the support and accountability needed for long-term recovery. New Vitae Wellness Foundation opportunities offer education and information, fight the challenges associated with stigma, and connect people and families who may be experiencing similar challenges. The foundation frequently focuses on underserved groups of people, including Veterans and young adults.  Contact the New Vitae Wellness Foundation today by using our convenient form or calling 610.928.5200.