For many people, finances may be a significant factor when you’re considering addiction, traumatic brain injury, mental health, or behavioral health treatment. However, it doesn’t have to be. When you contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we can provide individual and family financial information to help you determine if our treatment facility can help you. To learn more about your treatment options, or to enroll in treatment today, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery.

Why is Individual and Family Financial Information Essential to Treatment?

Traditionally, one of the hurdles to participating in behavioral health services has been the cost associated with services. At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, our staff is focused on providing the highest quality of behavioral healthcare and residential services while attempting to keep costs manageable for families. New Vitae partners with several insurance companies to provide “in-network” care; we are also a Medicare provider and work with families to identify and apply for additional funding options.

The Team Surrounding Individual and Family Financial Information

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery employs teams of individuals who assist with applying for and maintaining personal benefits such as medical assistance and social security benefits. These staff members can help by explaining additional financing options or funding awards that reduce the costs associated with medication management services and other clinical or residential behavioral health supports.

What Will I Have to Pay for Services at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery?

Because each person has a different level of insurance coverage and may be searching for a variety of services, it would be challenging to pinpoint service fees. However, admissions staff and administrators can discuss your current needs and preferences to provide service options that work for your budget.

How can I Find More Information Related to Costs?

Please contact our Admissions Department for assistance regarding cost and service options. Additionally, contacting your personal insurer may assist with determining the price for the specific support you seek.

The staff at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery are able to work with each candidate for admission to determine a cost-effective, holistic plan for recovery. Our team looks forward to supporting your goals!

How Long Will I Need to Come to New Vitae?

Your length of stay at New Vitae fluctuates with need. Some individuals accomplish their identified goals within the span of a few months, while others choose long-term services. It’s essential to talk to one of our staff members about your treatment options before we can determine how long you need to stay at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery. Our treatment team is compassionate and caring. We are willing to listen to your concerns about individual and family financial information. We’ll also help you determine what your personal goals for treatment are so that we can help you in the most efficient manner.

Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Today

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we know that you have been weighed down by the mental health, traumatic brain injury, behavioral health, or addiction for far too long. We want to help you overcome these challenges and give you the tools to move forward into the future. We offer several treatment options for each person who comes to our program. We also provide several treatment programs that we’ve designed specifically for at-risk need groups, such as veterans and those who have been battling mental health and behavioral conditions for many years. To learn more about the treatment options or about individual and family financial information, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery at 610.928.5200 today. Reach out to New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to begin your new life.