My son is 24 and has autism. He has been seeing both a therapist and Dr. Behar over at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery in Quakertown for a number of years now. My husband and I feel grateful that this type of therapy is available to our son, and that it is so convenient for all of us. The work that the team at New Vitae has done with our son has helped him not only to become successfully employed but also has helped to increase his level of self-confidence immensely. Thank you all so much!

– Linda S. (family member)

“I love it. They saved my son’s life. Thanks to Brian and all of the amazing staff members for keeping the residents hopeful and safe. They are all amazing!”
–Cindy S. (parent)

“I can’t say enough about New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center. There is an atmosphere of hospitality. There is structure. There is safety. There are highly gifted and compassionate staff members here. Participants are served in a highly professional manner. There is team work and a collective mindset to assist individuals where they are at in their recoveries.”
-Barry B. (therapist, CAC, Veteran)

Mount Trexler Manor has given me the help and support I needed. They have made me feel safe when I haven’t in the past. I have been able to stay out of the hospital.”
-Stephanie J. (resident)

“Having our son at Mount Trexler Manor has given our family peace of mind – no worries about whether he’s taking his meds, we know he will get three nutritious meals a day, and he is in a safe and caring environment. Staff is always responsive to our needs, phone calls are returned promptly and we have always been quickly informed of any concerns about our son’s wellbeing.

It is helpful to have continuity of care between our son’s living environment at Mount Trexler Manor and the therapeutic programs at the Joint Commission accredited clinic at New Vitae.

One of the best things about Mount Trexler Manor is how included we feel as family members. We are invited to several seasonal get-togethers, including not just residents and their families but also staff and their families. We are also encouraged to attend seminars with staff and residents and are welcomed to visit whenever we want.

Mount Trexler Manor offers many advantages to residents besides just the usual daily schedule. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of daily trips to local stores, libraries, community events, and more.”
-Sharon L. (family member)

“Mt. Trexler Manor is like a home away from home; like a family, they are supportive.”
-Crystal G. (staff)

“I feel Mount Trexler is a very caring place. I really feel safe for the first time. I want to thank Mount Trexler Manor for the love and understanding of my issues when no one has before. I recommend their services to all who need help. Thank you to Mount Trexler Manor for understanding my life and turning it around.”
-Angela M. (resident)

“As a licensed clinical social worker and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor I am extremely proud to be a fellow team member at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery. The staff works as a cohesive team who truly cares about the residents and about the quality of clinical and supportive services. Each person is respected as the unique individual they are with their specific needs taken into account. The client’s behavioral health, addiction issues, life skills, future goals and wants are respected and worked with in a dignified fashion. Any other aspect whether it be social, family, employment or any other issue that is important to the specific person is taken into account and supported to help the optimum positive result occur for the individual.

The staff also treats each other with respect and support. I am extremely proud to attach my credentials to an agency that does not just say what they do but actually in spirit provides the support, treatment and care to individuals served in such a caring fashion. The residents entrust New Vitae to be there for them at sometimes the most difficult times in their lives, and at New Vitae the services are provided in the most comprehensive, supportive, caring and professional manner possible. I enjoy coming to work at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery. The community is very fortunate to have such an agency available.”
-David S. (Psychotherapist and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor)

“Mentoring and Activities staff have helped me to enjoy the local community and help me feel safe.”
-Liz L. (resident)

“I think that the management & staff go above and beyond to make each resident as comfortable as possible and attend to each one’s specific needs. When I have concerns, phone calls are returned promptly and a positive & constructive conversation ensues to try to resolve the issue. When we visit the facility, the resident’s room is always spotless and so are all the halls & the dining room. On “special occasion” visiting days they always provide a welcoming good meal, some entertainment or a little education for the challenges we have to face as family members and care givers.”
-Marge T. (ally)

“It helps me to stay well and gives me support. It shows that people care about me.”
-Michelle L. (resident)

“Living in Baltimore some distance away from Quakertown, it is comforting to know our daughter, Debbie, is receiving the special care she needs from the caring, competent and professional staff at The Quakertown House.”
-Coni L. (family member)

“I have been at Mt. Trexler Manor for the past 15 years. There is no better place for me. I don’t know how they have found so many caring people. Mt. Trexler Manor is a blessing.”
-John R. (resident)

“Staff makes me smile every day.”
-Diana M. (resident)

“It is heartbreaking for us to have our son leave the family, but we cannot provide for his safety at home. We have complete trust in New Vitae Mount Trexler Manor. Your staff has been very compassionate and helpful to our son and from the bottom of my heart we appreciate that. Since he has been at New Vitae Mount Trexler Manor we have seen improvement in him. He is happy there and we hope he can stay there for a long time. We feel comforted that he is in a place that is safe with caring people.”
-Patricia H. (parent)

“Through the grace of God, my family found Quakertown House. Because of Quakertown House I am becoming very successful.”
-Jim H. (resident)

“I love New Vitae. The staff treats me with respect, and they are caring and compassionate. I’ve grown emotionally and am more mature. My team has been really supportive and helpful as I learned to manage my life and be successful in college and employment. I’m getting ready to move on from the program into my own apartment, and feel that New Vitae has helped me be ready for this next step.”
-Michelle P. (former resident)

“Quakertown House promotes a community of acceptance and understanding for all of the people who come here from many diverse walks of life. Lasting friendships are formed and many great memories are made.“
-Marissa F. (staff)

“Love living here. Staff are good to me. They’re very helpful.”
-Vanessa S. (resident)

“Staff are helpful and are always there when needed.”
-Ann E. (resident)

“I can sleep at night knowing my son is safe and that he is being cared for by attentive and compassionate professionals.”
-Marilyn N. (family member)

“Our daughter arrived at New Vitae late in 1995 from New Jersey. We had to be sure to select holistic services because Susan’s health had a long history of being poor, necessitating frequent doctor’s visits and hospital stays. We admire the efficiency over the regular and timely administration of medications by a very pleasant medical service staff under a nurse’s direction. We are regularly advised about health issues arising and can rest assured that everything necessary is done well.

Knowing many of the staff members through our frequent visits, we can be sure that our daughter has well planned activities in the house daily and visits to locations elsewhere – the big event of the year being the week at Cape May, New Jersey. Another good thing is the location of the home: the residents can easily walk to so many stores, restaurants or just walk for their pleasure.

Finally, it is so good to know that all this is happening at an affordable cost to us. We had checked with similar homes, when Susan was still in NJ, as far away as Ohio and Minnesota, located in very rural small towns with significantly less services, but considerably higher fees.”
-Peter H. (parent)

“I have been living here at Quakertown House for almost 23 years and to me Quakertown House is home, that kind of sums it up.”
-Dave P. (resident)

“For over 20 years, your team has greatly contributed to the stability and growth of our family member. We encourage all family members who are looking to help their loved one(s) to consider New Vitae and Pathways.”
-Barbara A. (family member)

“20 years ago, our son Sam was unhappy and living in a psychiatric hospital. At my request Donna Devlin visited him for an interview. At the conclusion of their discussion, Donna told me, ‘Sam should come to live with us. He deserves to lead a meaningful life.’ As a result of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s supports, Donna’s words have been fulfilled.”
-John G. (family member)

“New Vitae Young Adult Services has helped me so much. The mentor staff is great. They are reliable, and always willing to teach me how to do things, rather than just doing them for me. Since coming to the program, I’ve grown into a better person.”
-Tess C. (former resident)

“As parents, we are thankful and appreciative that our son is in Mt. Trexler Manor; it is safe, meets his needs, and is responsive and sensitive to any needs he might have. We are always involved in any decisions, and the staff responds to any requests in a timely manner.”
-Robert and Lucille H. (parents)

“I got stronger each day due to the possibilities and strength from being there. My only regret is that I didn’t find New Vitae sooner. Give yourself a chance.”
-Belinda J. (former resident)

“I am happy Mt. Trexler met my needs. They helped me from day one. It was great.”
-Camille R. (former resident)

“Nothing eases my mind more than when I come up from Maryland to visit my sister Debbie at Quakertown House and she wants to show me all around “her town”, favorite stores, restaurants, etc. I’m not sure who feels more proud, Deb or me.”
-Sharon B. (family member)

“Mt. Trexler Manor has helped me more than any other place. I have a great doctor at New Vitae.”
-John B. (former resident)

“Mount Trexler Manor has been a real blessing to our family. After my son became ill, I felt like we didn’t have anyone to turn to that had a real understanding of what we were experiencing. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery opened their doors to our family and saved my son’s life. We will be forever grateful to the staff.”
-Trudy J. (family member)

“I wanted to thank you for the time I spent at New Vitae. It helped me to grow and learn. It made me a better person. With the experiences I had at New Vitae, I started to learn how to find myself and my way in the world. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. It was an overall great experience that has helped me grow and learn. I am living “on my own” now. Thank you for having such a wonderful place to help people learn and live.”
-Kian M. (former resident)

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in dTMS. It has truly changed my outlook on life. I feel amazing. My mood is so much better.”
-Liam W. (resident)

My sister has been a resident at Mount Trexler Manor for almost 20 years. New Vitae has been a tremendous comfort to our family. We know she is safe. In addition, my sister has a supportive social network and her medical/mental health needs are being addressed. These social and health care services have helped my sister make progress in meeting life’s daily challenges. My sister considers Mount Trexler Manor to be her home, which speaks of its warm and caring atmosphere.
As a psychologist, I know the challenges of finding quality care. The New Vitae Wellness and Recovery agency meets the challenge. In conversations with administration, my sister’s caseworkers, and medical staff, it is clear they understand my sister’s illness. They maintain open lines of communication with me and my family about my sister’s progress and any issues needing the family’s attention. There have been numerous occasions where administration and staff have gone above and beyond to provide comfort and help my sister when she is having difficulty. I cannot thank them enough for all they do for her!
-Patricia L. (family member, psychologist)

“I had Major Depression, anxiety, (and) PTSD. After more than 5 years and 3 doctors, trying many medications with side effects, and electroconvulsive therapy with no lasting effect, I still wasn’t feeling any better. Through my support group, I heard about Brainsway deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Through treatment and the caring support of my wife and staff at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center, I got my life back. Now I can do the things I like to do, including travel.”
-Mike D. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)

“I learned more than I did in rehab or in other outpatient programs. I focused on what caused the drinking as opposed to anything else. I identified coping skills and learned how to handle triggers.”
-Kathleen S. (former treatment participant)

“I really appreciated the personal attention. My addiction centered on trauma, and this was the first group that recognized that and validated my feelings. I will be forever grateful.”
-Clem R. (former treatment participant)

“The staff was committed, educated, and extremely caring.”
-Michelle K. (former treatment participant)

“I am completely and pleasantly amazed that my life has changed so much, in a good way, in just a few weeks. I was apprehensive and definitely unsure that the program would be right for me and that I could succeed in the program. I have been able to reinvent myself as a calmer, happier, sober person I’ve wanted to be. Now I have to keep moving forward with hard work, the tools you taught me, and my determination to succeed in sobriety. Thank you so much for helping me start the healing process in a positive way.”
-Diane A. (former treatment participant)

I love working for a company that values their employees.
-Brittani D. (Staff)

“This was by far the best outpatient program I’ve been to. I’ve learned a lot and was able to build a strong foundation for my recovery. Staff is incredible and helped me tremendously. I don’t think I would have stayed sober without the help I received here.”
-Alyssa C. (former treatment participant)

“I feel so much stronger, healthier, and more positive since attending. I really feel like I worked on myself, not just my addiction. I like who I’m becoming. All of my relationships have improved.”
-Dawn R. (former treatment participant)

“I have battled depression my entire life. The older I became, the worse the symptoms got. I was feeling totally hopeless. Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at New Vitae saved my life. I began dTMS therapy in January of 2017. Almost immediately, I could feel the positive effects. This was a life-changing experience. I find the twenty minute sessions very relaxing – most times I almost doze off! There is no pain or discomfort! Everyone at New Vitae is awesome and are committed to your needs. I’m living proof that dTMS therapy works! It has given me a new life. Each day I gain more strength, courage, and self-esteem, all drug free!”
-John M. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)

I can’t say enough good about the legacy that Adam Devlin and his family have built there in Quakertown. Amazing.
-Christian A. Johnson Dean and Professor of Law Widener University Commonwealth Law School

Besides her daily activity and mentor schedule, (my daughter’s) health maintenance has been exceptional. Among her dental, medical, and psychiatric needs, her care has been timely, appropriate, and excellent. I have nothing but positive comments to make about (my daughter’s) home in Quakertown.
-Merritt C. (family member and physician)

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the kindness and generosity you have shown me since moving to Limeport and Quakertown almost four years ago. Being a part of New Vitae has allowed me to discover who I really am as a person and helped me learn to work with the skills given to me that will always be a part of me…New Vitae has given me a chance to rebuild what it was that I was meant to do.
-David S. (resident)

I feel as if (my daughter) is thriving now at New Vitae.
-Julia Y. (mother of resident)

“I have not had a moment at New Vitae, since starting as an intern in early January of 2019, when I did not feel cared for or appreciated in some way. This comes not only from major life celebrations, but also in day to day interactions…”
-Jennifer G. (Therapist)

“My brother has lived at Quakertown House for decades and has really good relationships with the staff there – as do I. His social workers have become like family to my brother.”
-Elliot G. (family member)

I have worked for New Vitae for just under 20 years and I plan on retiring from here! We are so much more than just a great place to work – we are a great community and one big family! It’s been great to grow with this company! I look forward to going in to work every day; how many people can say that during these tough times? If you are looking for a career, a place to grow, and want to matter and not be just a number in some huge company then come check out New Vitae! #NewVitaeStrong!
-Brian C. (employee)

Our brother has lived at Quakertown House for 31 years. The staff have always been responsive to our concerns for our him. He has been treated with kindness and compassion. We are grateful that he is in a safe and supportive environment.
-Marianne E. (family member)

Our son has been at New Vitae for a little over a year. Both his mental illness and drug addictions have been addressed by the staff. Both his mother and I are extremely appreciative of the care has been given to him. We have been through a number of hospitals, crisis clinics and institutes over the last 10 years. None of them to date has helped him achieve what he has with New Vitae. The staff is terrific. His team leader Marc, his therapist, Brianna, and his psychiatrist Dr. Behar to name the direct support staff. However, we have found the therapeutic approach to be supportive for our son and us. We would highly recommend this facility and support staff for both mental health and recovery.
-Ross U. (parent)

I have been working for New Vitae (Quakertown House) for a few years now and have loved it since I started…I plan to stay with New Vitae and make this job my career.  We are a family here and I feel lucky to have found this place.
-Kati H. (current employee)