New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is focused on promoting hope, health, and wellness through participation in our supportive communities. As we continue to respond to the needs and preferences of our members, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has grown to include a variety of service and residential options. Each of these resources can be combined and developed into a plan for care that best suits you or your loved one. To learn more about our mental health recovery support services, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.

Comprehensive Residential Treatment

These contracted services, provided through the recommendation of insurance company contracts or private pay options, present an opportunity for increased clinical contact in addition to a variety of residential behavioral health supports. This bundle of personalized services is incorporated into each life domain in order to discover and build personal strengths.

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient clinical services are individualized based on your needs and preferences. Our Partial Hospital Program offers psycho-educational groups and creative art services five days a week, providing a level of structure that benefits individuals who are looking to develop their basic wellness skills. Our traditional outpatient services connect individuals seeking medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy services to the supports needed to achieve their personal vision of recovery.

Young Adult Services

Tailored for the needs of adults aged 18 to 25, our Young Adult Service Program supports the process of growth and development of independence. Formerly identified as supports for “aging out youth,” our transitional services emphasize personal responsibility and the importance of social supports. The Young Adult Services program combines a progressive residential support system with holistic behavioral health care services. Many of the Young Adult Service members attend a school or maintain a local job while growing their independent living skills (e.g., budgeting, personal care, etc.). Click here to download our brochure on Young Adult Services.

Residential Housing – Personal Care Homes

Personal care homes provide the highest level of residential support within our continuum of care. Medication administration assistance, wellness services, care coordination services, mentoring, activities, and other personal supports are available at all hours in order to be responsive to the needs of our members. Our two personal care home options include Mount Trexler Manor and Quakertown House.

Residential Housing – 24/7 Staffed Apartments

Our 24/7 staffed apartment setting has been compared to sharing a first apartment with friends but has the added benefits of consistent staffing. These residences limit the number of occupants in order to provide more direct supports to prepare for a more independent living arrangement. Staff members support these residents in their goals of cooking, banking, obtaining employment, and other skill areas to ensure a successful transition into more independent living options.

Residential Housing – Supported Independent Living Apartments

Located within walking distance to New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center and Quakertown House, these apartments are our most independent living option. Our independent apartment members utilize supports on a daily basis, but always have staff assistance available should challenges arise. Clinical services continue to be available on a regular basis, and apartment residents are able to maintain the level of residential support that promotes their recovery and assists them in maintaining personal safety.

Contact New Vitae to Learn More About Mental Health Recovery Support Services

Strengths-based, person-centered, and recovery-modeled supports are the cornerstones of our program. Each service is designed to help you or your loved one to achieve your wellness goals in a safe and comfortable environment. To learn more about our mental health recovery support services, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery at 610.928.5200 today.