New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers residential options for adults in addition to outpatient mental health treatment services. These services are ideal for treating a variety of short and long-term needs. Admissions are voluntary, each with an individualized length of stay. Residential and behavioral health services are customized in order to respond to the immediate and future goals of each member. We invite professionals and providers to learn more about the services we provide at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery. To learn more, contact us today.

Professionals and Providers Services

We accept referrals from a wide range of professional resources, including:

  • Private and acute care psychiatric hospitals
  • Case management services
  • Trust attorneys
  • School districts
  • Forensic units
  • Drug and alcohol recovery center
  • Halfway houses
  • Extended acute care units
  • Young adult residential treatment facilities
  • Veterans Administration services
  • Insurance companies
  • State counties

Whether you are looking to refer a person in need of increased support after a brief inpatient stay, someone looking for a change after an extended time in a residential treatment setting, or a community resident who would like a more structured environment, we can help.

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we assist individuals who have been diagnosed with a primary behavioral health challenge. These individuals may also be experiencing a variety of co-occurring diagnoses, interpersonal stressors, or the consequences of trauma.

Are you a candidate for admission and experiencing symptoms related to a mood disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, other psychiatric challenges, traumatic brain injury, or addiction? If so, our credentialed and experienced staff members are well-trained in evidence-based practices to provide ethical, personalized care. The New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center is also Joint Commission accredited, assisting us in maintaining our commitment to high-quality healthcare.

What Sets New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Apart?

We are proud to deliver services utilizing the concepts central to the Recovery Model. All of our members are asked to lead their recovery process with the assistance of their support teams. As a result, our services are person-centered, hopeful, and culturally-informed. We are able to assist with developing an individualized plan of service that facilitates emotional, occupational, spiritual, social, and physical wellness. Our integrated service model provides the opportunity for supportive mental health treatment for individuals and their families, veterans, and young adults on an immediate or as-needed basis.

We are happy to assist our colleagues with the referral process. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is able to accept referrals from other service providers across the United States. Our staff will work with you to ensure a positive and promising transition for your candidate for admission. Individuals who may require emergency, short-term, or long-term housing services are welcomed into our community!


The referral process begins with a call to our admissions team. During this call, we will review our admission requirements and gather preliminary information. We are also able to assist with scheduling a tour at your convenience.

Specialized Treatment

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center, accredited by the Joint Commission, provides both a licensed Partial Hospital Program and a licensed Outpatient program. Our services are individualized to emphasize the needs and preferences of each of our members. Learn more about our recovery services here.

Insurance Provider Resources

We are able to work with various insurance companies to maximize benefits and provide various services. Additionally, our benefits specialists and Care Coordination staff may be able to assist with identifying new streams for funding.

Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Today

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, our treatment programs and services are unique. To learn more about how we can assist other professionals and providers, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery at 610.928.5200 today.