New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is happy to announce that we now offer evidence-based recovery support for individuals who did not find relief from depressive symptoms despite the consistent use of antidepressants. Through deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, we can give you the relief that you’ve been looking for since your depression began. To learn more about the advantages of this exciting new procedure, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery.

About Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

As an adjunct to the use of traditional antidepressant medications, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is one of the first in our region to offer deep TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation services. The treatment utilizes electromagnetic fields to stimulate the inner workings of the brain and alleviate depressive symptoms. The non-invasive process, provided for approximately 20 minutes daily over a period of 4 to 5 weeks, permits users to relax in a comfortable chair and read a magazine while treating their depression. This safe, well-tolerated service uses coils that are placed specifically around the individual’s head to target regions of the brain and to trigger desired responses from neurons, or brain cells. This service provides hope for those who have found little relief from pharmacological interventions for depression.

This depression treatment is available to the local community and is covered by many insurance companies.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s deep TMS service was featured as a cutting-edge treatment for depression in a recent episode of PBS Channel 39’s program, Close to Home: Depression. To view the full episode, which includes dTMS user testimonials, click here.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Using Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Though our deep transcranial magnetic stimulation is particularly exciting, it is not the only program that sets our treatment center apart. At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we’re committed to helping you end your addiction, behavioral health, and mental health issues. A deep transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment as part of your treatment program can help. When used in conjunction with our co-occurring disorder treatment program, the effects can be incredible.

Many people do not know what a co-occurring disorder is. A co-occurring disorder is when a person is challenged with both addiction and mental health issues, such as depression, at the same time. Oftentimes, those who experience addiction also face mental health issues. Sometimes the addiction causes mental health issues. A person begins drinking or doing drugs because they want to self-medicate their mental health symptoms. Unfortunately, doing so often leads to addiction. Other times, an addiction may cause mental health problems. For instance, drinking alcohol or using other substances can cause depression to develop in a person.

Unfortunately, if you only get treatment for the addiction or mental health issue, it doesn’t make the other one disappear completely. In fact, because the symptoms are no longer inhibited by the other disorder, you may feel like your problems have multiplied. As a result, it is essential to get treatment for both conditions simultaneously. This situation is where New Vitae Wellness and Recovery can help. During our co-occurring disorders treatment, we address both issues at once, so that you can manage both of the conditions. Moreover, you are more likely to stay in recovery longer. Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation may be a part of your treatment program.

Learn More About Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we’re committed to helping you fully overcome your depression. That’s why we’re always interested in new methods of treatment, such as deep transcranial magnetic stimulation. To learn more about the exceptional therapies that we offer at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, contact us today at 610.928.5200.