New Vitae Wellness and Recovery utilizes a team approach to assist each individual in accomplishing his or her personal goals and maintaining holistic wellness. New Vitae’s care emphasizes the use of the recovery model and person-centered supports to optimize personal choice and preferences in developing services based upon each member’s specific situation. Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to learn more about person-centered support for individuals and families.

What is Person-Centered Support for Individuals and Families?

Person-centered support for individuals and families are services that are designed around you or your family members. Your dreams and hopes for the future are used to determine what types of services might assist best in attaining those goals. We emphasize life planning; our services can support you or your family members while achieving an individualized vision of recovery. New Vitae’s strength-based approach uses the skills, relationships, cultural practices, and talents you or your loved ones possess to assist with the development of a wellness “tool kit.” Whether you are looking to manage your moods, reduce your experience of symptoms, improve your relationships, receive therapy to improve brain function after traumatic injury, overcome addiction, or gradually increase your personal independence, our staff is able to assist you with breaking down larger goals and providing personalized supports to help you or your family member in achieving lasting changes.

How does New Vitae Wellness and Recovery use Person-Centered Supports for Individuals and Families?

New Vitae is able to use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that your services are individualized and based on personal needs and preferences. Our services begin with a series of assessments that will help to identify likes, dislikes, strengths, and challenges. We can use all of these in our individual and family mental health services. As one begins to explore the variety of support options, different services will be helpful in managing or reducing the experience of symptoms. These are the services that will form the basis of a personalized recovery plan. However, we routinely encourage investigation and participation in new activities.

What Are Some of the Person-Centered Services For Individuals and Families that We Currently Utilize at New Vitae?

There are various New Vitae and community services that support our residents and participants. The following is a brief list of supports that have been utilized to develop personal recovery and wellness tools:

  • Medication Education and Administration Services
  • Co-occurring Addiction Services
  • Mentoring Services for Independent Living Skill Building
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Informed Care Group
  • Rainbow Group for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies
  • Partial Hospital Groups
  • Prevocational and Community Employment
  • 12 Step Meetings
  • Equine Therapy Resources
  • Celebrate Recovery Meetings
  • Use of Certified Peer Specialist services
  • Recreational Activity
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Additionally, many of our participants agree to utilize GeneSight, an evidence-based service that identifies preferred medications based on your specific genetic code. In this way, our teams can be focused on prescribing the right medication along with additional services that blend advances in pharmacology and other community-based services.

What Happens if Needs or Preferences Change?

It is likely that needs and/or preferences will change over time. As a result, individualized recovery plans and support plans are updated regularly. In addition to reviewing progress on your most recent set of goals, staff will assist with developing new steps toward achieving new personalized goals.

Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to Learn More

It is the mission of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to provide personalized, holistic services to those seeking individualized care. To learn more about our person-centered support for individuals and families, or if you have questions, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today using our convenient form or by calling 610.928.5200.