New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s years of service to others have emphasized the importance of individual preferences and needs when designing a continuum of housing selections. For over thirty years, New Vitae has developed various levels of supported residential behavioral health services that are tailored to our residents’ wishes, ensure personal safety, and provide personalized mental health treatment. Our residential behavioral health supports offer opportunities for both adults and young adults in order to promote growth and sustain lasting change as residents achieve their personal goals. To learn more about our residential options, contact us today at 610.928.5200.

All of our residences offer local transportation services as well as mentoring and care coordination support. Clinical supports are available through the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center in Quakertown, PA.

Personal Care Homes

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, our personal care boarding homes offer extensive social contact with the safety and supports of staff assistance provided around the clock. Our two personal care homes, New Vitae Mount Trexler Manor and New Vitae Quakertown House provide assistance with medication administration, access to nursing staff, and routine trips into the surrounding Lehigh Valley and Bucks County areas. Additionally, group psycho-educational opportunities are offered to assist with increasing residents’ socialization and good citizenship skill-building. Both private and semi-private room options are available, with nutritious meals included in room and board costs. Many residents begin services living at Mount Trexler Manor or Quakertown House in order to identify areas of skill-building and initiate their clinical services through the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center.

24/7 Staffed Apartments

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s 24/7 staffed residences provide adults and young adults with the opportunities associated with a sharing a living space with one or two housemates. Residents are provided the opportunity to develop and prepare meals, share household chores and responsibilities, and continue to have the direct support of New Vitae staff. Young adults living in these shared spaces frequently connect as a result of educational or vocational goals, and adults tend to bond as a result of their work or volunteer experiences. These living arrangements can be an excellent opportunity to further refine residents’ activities of daily living needs to prepare for more independent living arrangements. Additionally, New Vitae has specialized some of our residences to assist those with complex medical histories. Those interested in our 24/7-staffed apartments can learn more information via our Young Adult or New Vitae Pathways links.

Supported Independent Living Apartments

As New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s most independent living option, many residents utilize our supportive independent living apartments as an intermediate step to securing their own independent apartment or other living arrangements. While staff members are available for assistance, residents utilizing this housing option are confident with completing activities of daily living and accessing community supports, including jobs, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs independently. Supported independent living apartment residents share social contacts in both immediate and extended communities, and have developed skills for independent living that permit additional options for medication administration. This living arrangement works well for both young adult and adult Pathways residents.

Learn More About Residential Options at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

Each of these broad residential options can be further individualized to support the specific needs of each resident. Additionally, New Vitae’s residential options are flexible to permit individuals to facilitate transfer to the level of support needed for either short- or long-term periods of time. Psycho-educational groups and mentoring supports are offered as a means to develop independent living skills to assist with progression toward greater independence. We welcome questions and requests for tours! To learn more about the residential options at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, contact us today at 610.928.5200.