It is not uncommon for many returning home after serving in the military to be faced with traumatic brain injuries, mental health, behavioral health, or addiction problems. If you are challenged by any of these seemingly-insurmountable problems, you don’t have to fight them alone. We specialize in treating those returning servicemen and women. To learn about the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery veteran admissions services, contact us today.

What Sets New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Veteran Admissions Services Apart?

At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we are able to design a specialized recovery plan for each Veteran through our contract with the Veterans Administration. Some seek only supportive residential services and continue to receive medical and/or psychiatric services through local VA offices. We are also able to provide multiple service options simultaneously, including residential behavioral health treatment within our continuum of care. Both services are presented for Veterans who currently experience challenges related to housing and/or behavioral health. When you begin using the veteran admissions services at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we evaluate your unique situation. Then, we can offer you individualized treatment choices.

Housing Only Option

Veterans may select our housing options for supportive residential services while continuing their care through local Veteran outpatient clinics. Our residential service staff is available to assist with facilitating and attending local appointments in addition to providing assistance with completing daily activities. This option permits our Veterans to receive a level of residential care that best fits their needs, while continuing to share contact and socialization with members of our community, including other Veterans. Depending on the residential option selected, medication administration, meal preparation, and other services may be included as a part of our residential services.

Blended Service Option

Veterans are also encouraged to consider our service option that integrates both residential and clinical services. The addition of clinical service options results in streamlined, responsive services that are easily accessible for appointments and ensures consistent contact between our staff and Veteran participants. Clinical options, including medication management services, individual and group therapy, and nutrition assistance, are all readily available. The waiting time associated with scheduling and attending appointments is reduced as a result of engaging New Vitae as a behavioral healthcare provider. Our staff is able to utilize our contacts in order to maintain connections through the local Veterans services outpatient provider in order to ensure person-centered, holistic care.

Veteran Admissions Services Working Hand-in-Hand with the VA

Both of our veteran service options can be further individualized in order to promote the health and well-being of our Veterans. Although many of our Veteran referrals come directly from the Veterans Administration, please know that we are able to assist with facilitating participation in New Vitae’s services. We also encourage you to visit our facilities and connect with our staff. We can answer any questions that you may have. We can also give you a tour of the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery facility, and help you determine if our program is the right choice for you.

Learn More About Veteran Admissions Services

When you contact the experts at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we give you the chance to heal. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is part of The Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (CCN) – Region 1 and committed to delivering quality care to veterans. CCN concurrent reviews are managed through Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) in accordance with established VA reporting requirements. We also encourage and help you to assist other veterans returning home. One of the most vital parts of our program is empowering our community members to help others.

When you’re a part of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we provide a family of people just like you who are committed to recovery. To learn more about our veteran admissions services, or to enroll in treatment at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, contact us today at 610.928.5200.