Outpatient services are behavioral health support options for those who are living in the community or our residential system while working toward recovery goals. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers a variety of outpatient supports that can be customized to one’s preferences. To learn how an outpatient treatment program can help you, contact us at 610.928.5200 today.

Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Management

All of New Vitae’s participants meet with their attending medical professional for a psychiatric evaluation that includes a discussion of recommendations for treatment. Our practitioners work to identify medications as one possible method of support within the span of recovery options. If a prescription is recommended, medications can be received the same day through our relationship with local pharmacies. Medication management appointments are utilized to determine responses to medications and to plan the next steps in regard to the use of medications within the context of recovery.

Partial Hospital Supports

The New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center facilitates partial hospital groups to assist those individuals who are looking for more support as a result of recent behavioral health challenges. Groups are offered five days a week to develop wellness skills while increasing levels of interpersonal socialization. Participants are offered ongoing opportunities to select topics that are most meaningful to them in order to further individualize their treatment schedule.

Individual Therapy

Many participants find that individual therapy works to encourage positive personal change. Our individual therapists utilize a variety of trauma-informed, strength-based interventions in order to find the most helpful pathway to recovery. Our therapists have expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy-informed care, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and other evidence-based tools that can assist with achieving personalized recovery goals.

Group Therapy

We have a variety of groups that meet weekly for additional guidance and support. Each group utilizes the strengths of its participants in order to promote change and recovery. Our group topics include Art, Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Informed Care Group, and Alcohol & Other Drug counseling. Other options include our Rainbow Group (support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, or Allies (LGBTQIA+)) and Transitions Group (to assist with change, grieve losses, and look forward to the future). Group participation results in increased socialization with peers and a connection to others that promotes shared problem-solving.

Certified Peer Specialist Support

Certified Peer Specialists are individuals who have experienced behavioral health challenges and are now working in the field in order to provide advocacy, promote hope in recovery, and assist with the identification of personal wellness tools. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery encourages contact with certified peer specialists to ensure person-centered services and develop other peer leadership opportunities.

Wellness Options

New Vitae is proud to offer the services of a Registered Dietitian for weight management and nutritional counseling. We also offer smoking cessation supports and daily access to nursing staff to promote health and wellness.

Discover Yourself at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

Whether you or your loved one is looking for less support after a period of well-being or seeking to increase the number of behavioral health supports, the staff at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery assist with designing a personalized recovery plan based on strengths and preferences. We consistently respond to changes in needs and preferences. One thing that sets our outpatient treatment program apart from the rest is our commitment to the clients who are most at risk for addiction, mental health disorders, and behavioral health conditions. As such, we provide specialized treatment programs for these at-risk groups, such as brain injury treatments and treatments for veterans. To learn more about how New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s outpatient treatment program can help you, don’t hesitate. Please contact us at 610.928.5200 so that we can assist in explaining your treatment options for recovery support.