a man talks to a therapist at the action recovery programFinding a residential behavioral health or outpatient behavioral health provider that meets the needs of an individual service participant can be a daunting task.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery wants to work with all referring providers in order to make the transition a smooth process for the individual seeking a new home and/or new behavioral health services as well as other community organizations. To learn more about the treatment options we provide, contact us today.

Admission Criteria for Referrals

Our basic admission criteria are listed below in order to determine whether the individual you are referring would be a candidate for admission.

All persons successfully referred to New Vitae Wellness and Recovery:

  • Must have reached the age of 18 by the date services are initiated
  • Must have a primary behavioral health diagnosis; an individual may also have difficulties with substance use, poly-trauma, traumatic brain injury, or additional behavioral health or medical diagnoses

Individuals who will require additional screening to be considered for admission include:

  • Persons currently in imminent danger to self or others
  • Individuals requiring medically managed detoxification services or residential services solely designed for substance use
  • People who currently require opioid maintenance treatment
  • Individuals with a history of fire setting or sexual offenses
  • Persons who have been diagnosed with an IQ below 70 and are seeking discrete trial training or precise control of a treatment environment
  • People who require medical hospitalization to receive around the clock care for physical health concerns

Behavioral Health Treatment Options

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery emphasizes holistic, person-centered, and strength-based care.  Staff members are available to assist with achieving physical, spiritual, financial, vocational, and behavioral health goals.  Additionally, New Vitae’s services are trauma-informed to promote personal safety and to support participants who are working through trauma.  New Vitae has been successful in supporting individuals who have encountered challenges in other residential and clinical settings, and we are able to respond quickly to facilitate transfers to our residences.  Our services are specialized for individuals and their families, Veterans, and young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. Furthermore, our services can be tailored to the needs and preferences of those we serve.  Service funding through a combination of social security benefits, private insurances, medical assistance, Medicare, and private pay options is accommodated, and additional funding sources are routinely explored.

The referral process can begin by contacting our Admissions department.  After collecting basic demographic information and a clinical history, staff can begin to work with the individual being referred to develop an individualized set of services.  We highly recommend that referring staff members assist the individual in scheduling a tour and interview prior to initiating services so that they may evaluate our array of services and supports.

Get Treatment at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

If your individual needs behavioral, mental, or addiction treatment, we can help. With the help of your professional referrals, we can help them get on the path to recovery. Our treatment programs are ideal for individuals who face unique treatment challenges. We off a range of specialized treatment programs, including:

  • Brain injury treatment
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Forensics treatment
  • Treatment for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities

We have the tools that your client needs. Our staff members are available around the clock to help them recover.

Our Admissions staff is available to answer any questions about referral options and can provide additional data regarding service options. Help your client get the care support that they need to recover. To learn more about the treatment programs at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, please contact us today at 610.928.5200. We’re happy to answer any question you have or help you get the information you need.