West 1 Site: 5644 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19139

West 2 Site: 5646 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19139

South Site: 1909 South 6th Street Philadelphia, PA 19148

Developed in conjunction with Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health, Community Behavioral Health, and the Beck Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, New Vitae’s residential treatment facilities are dedicated to serving individuals referred from forensic populations as a means to offer gradual step-down and progression to community living.  Individuals who utilize these services have experienced significant mental health symptoms and require holistic care in order to navigate the challenges associated with major life transitions successfully.  Accredited by The Joint Commission, New Vitae’s RTFA locations offer clinical supports that are combined in-house with residential services intended to facilitate personal wellness.  With locations in West and South Philadelphia, individualized care and services are prioritized.

Treatment at the Philadelphia RTFA’s includes a variety of supports.

Medication Administration and Nursing Services

Medications are administered through the efforts of our nursing staff, who provide assistance and education regarding medication.  The nursing staff is available 24/7 to offer compassionate and consistent medical care.

Individualized Supports

Staff members work closely with each resident to review options for services, considering varying types of wellness that include physical, emotional, and social interventions.  There is a special concentration on the use of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy or CT-R. CT-R is an evidence-based intervention that offers individuals a step-wise and concrete process to facilitate one’s journey through recovery.  These practices are applied routinely to achieve measurable progress on treatment goals.  Each resident utilizes his strengths to identify additional areas of need and include these goals in a personalized recovery plan.  This process has been so successful that our Philadelphia locations were honored with a 2020 Bowtie Award, given by the Beck Institute, for the application of this treatment modality.

Peer to Peer Opportunities

Emphasizing the importance of peer contact, residents have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social events that go beyond traditional group therapy sessions.  Residents are offered routine opportunities to socialize and join together to offer personal supports and develop new social skills, facilitating positive relationships.

Community Integration and Partnership

Our Philadelphia services assist residents with accessing the community safely.  Utilizing modeling and in-person support, residents learn by doing.  Grocery shopping, budgeting, and other personal goals are explored within the community.  Residents are encouraged to build social skills via activities in local stores, parks, libraries, and community centers.  Activities can be coordinated with a variety of local organizations to ensure healthy recreation and positive socialization.

New Vitae has established collaborative arrangements with various organizations, including local libraries, the YMCA, and local museums, to explore further and develop residents’ literacy education, fitness, and cultural goals. We are pleased and honored to have these community ties.

Benefits/Care Coordination

Our Philadelphia RTFA’s provide care coordination services to ensure the continuation of benefits, to encourage community connections, and to provide personalized supports throughout residents’ participation in services.

Family Connections

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s RTFA services assist with building or rebuilding family connections.  Staff encourages routine visits to promote residents’ opportunities to spend time with family members.  These connections support the development of critical relationships.

Our Philadelphia RTFA’s provide supports that integrate clinical services with residential care.  Friendly staff members are available 24/7 to ensure the comfort and safety of our residents.  To learn more about our Philadelphia RTFA services, we encourage you to contact our Admissions Department at 610.928.5200.