The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council sponsored a “Veterans Health Care Symposium” on November 14, 2015 at Lehigh University. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was delighted to have an active role in the discussion. The keynote presenters were Mr. Ronald Steptoe, a West Point graduate and Chairman and CEO of the Steptoe Group, LLC, and Dr. Evelyn Lewis, the Chief Medical Officer of the Steptoe Group. The symposium’s goal was held to begin a dialogue with healthcare providers in the Lehigh Valley regarding the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense health care programs for veterans.  Speakers emphasized the distinct culture of veterans as well as the importance of health care providers appreciating these variations in culture.  The theme of the symposium was well-encapsulated in the statement “You must know me to treat me,” encouraging all providers to individualize their services for Veterans and other participants.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery utilizes Recovery Model concepts in order to personalize services for Veterans.  We continue to offer low- and no-cost services for Veterans through the use of our DMVA appropriation.  We look forward to participating in future Veterans symposiums and educational efforts.