Twice a year, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery leaders participate in a team building activity to promote positive problem solving and teamwork.  On July 10th, our leadership enjoyed learning more about Italian culture by joining a handmade gnocchi preparation activity.  Executives rented a well-equipped commercial kitchen from the Easton Partnership Farmers Market in order to enjoy friendly competition and make some fantastic gnocchi.

After learning the process from Lucia Bloise, hearing the history of the pasta, and sharing stories about Italian cuisine, leaders enjoyed crafting the delicious gnocchi.  Through the clouds of flour and dough, our executive team members enjoyed learning about the recipe and utilized each other’s support to create (sometimes imperfect) pasta.  It was a fantastic way to build community and teamwork!  Thank you to everyone who participated, our incredible hosts, and our teacher, Lucia, for your time and energy!

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