Happy Spring 2020!  New Vitae was excited to celebrate spring with various projects and activities.  While continuing with social distancing practices, several of our residents decorated eggs and entered our Egg Decoration contest.  There were many strong entries with multiple winners selected, and the creativity of our residents made the process a fun way to commemorate the change in seasons!  Winners received a Wawa gift card.  We invite you to take a look at some of the winning creations!

The Easter Bunny was also on hand to tour the sites, waving at residents, dancing, and sharing in the joy of the season.  The bunny was pleased to model our new staff t-shirts, complete with #NewVitaeStrong across the front.  The t-shirts will be worn to commemorate employees’ team spirit displayed throughout the COVID-19 challenges and beyond.

In further celebration of the warmer weather, Quakertown House residents used sidewalk chalk to decorate outside spaces, write messages, and finish outdoor art.  Gifts of individual or disposable Bingo game items were a fun way to engage residents in the game while ensuring effective social distancing.  Mount Trexler Manor residents also received gifts of boxes of markers and springtime coloring pages to encourage artistic abilities and self-expression, while each resident across the organization received a spring-themed, customized word search to help with managing free time.

Special thanks to everyone who assisted with our spring celebrations throughout the organization.  Thank you to all of our families and other supporters for your consistent encouragement!  We hope that everyone is staying safe and is surrounded by family and friends!

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