New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was proud to be a part of November 2015’s 10th Annual Sanctuary Network Conference in White Plains, New York. It was an anniversary event that included much celebration and institutional memory sharing. Keynote presenters included Sandra Bloom, MD; Joseph Foderaro, LCSW BCD; and Ruth Ann Ryan, APRN BC. Dr. Bloom, Mr. Foderaro and Ms. Ryan are co-founders of the “Sanctuary Model,” a treatment model designed to emphasize the role that past trauma can have in the lives of those who utilize recovery services.  The conference featured numerous presentations from representatives who have been certified in the Sanctuary Model from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery continues to prepare for Sanctuary certification as a way to continue to grow our trauma-informed services.  It was an honor to participate in the discussion and share a supportive conversation with other providers. Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to learn more about our trauma-informed mental health treatment services.

Pictured, Left to Right: Ruth Ann Ryan, Joseph Foderaro, Sandra Bloom, and William Leiner, Jr.