On October 20th, Adam Devlin, Board Chair, and Judith Yanacek, President and CEO of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery were among the guests of Philadelphia’s Bellevue Hotel to honor mayoral candidate James Kenney.  Devlin and Yanacek had the opportunity to hear Mr. Kenney speak about topics that are key pieces of his platform and of critical importance to the residents of Philadelphia.  Kenney spoke about his educational goals, including Pre-Kindergarten services for all children.  He also elaborated on the need for structured supports to facilitate wellness for those who have been recently incarcerated.  With New Vitae Wellness and Recovery on the cusp of expanding services to Philadelphia, Devlin and Yanacek used the opportunity to discuss the history and future plans for the growth of the company.

Additionally, Devlin and Yanacek were pleased to meet Dwight Evans, US State Representative, serving the 203rd legislative district (Philadelphia County). He is currently running for US Congress and has been a staunch supporter of Mr. Kenney. Both Devlin and Yanacek agreed that the event was a fantastic way to discuss meaningful social changes and consider ways to reduce the stigmas associated with behavioral healthcare.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery believes in the merits of community connections. This was an excellent opportunity to meet the future leaders in our communities and share New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s mission: to serve communities by promoting hope, health, and wellness.

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