New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Enjoys A Paper Airplane Contest for Residents

September 15, 2020

On August 24th, 2020, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offered a fun contest for residents at each of the residential sites.  Titled, “Time to Soar,” the activity provided an opportunity to create, decorate and fly paper airplanes to compete for prizes.  Trophies were given to three residents at each site whose planes flew the longest, with ribbons awarded for the three planes with the best decorations at each residence.  Additionally, everyone was in competition to win a pizza party for his/her home site or zone!

After utilizing staff assistance to research the process to create a far-flying plane, entries were decorated with eye-catching bright colors and messages of hope.  We hope you enjoy our photos of the day’s events and consider having your own contest!  The top winners from each site are listed below:

Mount Trexler Manor:
Longest Flight: Resulted in a tie!  Dan W. and Bill H. sent their planes flying for 28 feet!
Best Decorated: Michelle G. won the prize for Mount Trexler’s best decorated plane.

Action Recovery 1 and 2:
Longest Flight: Jason S.’s plane flew 40 feet!
Best Decorated: Jamie K. won the award for the best decorated plane from Action Recovery 1 and 2.

Action Recovery, Jade House:
Longest Flight: Kylee M.’s plane flew for an incredible 35 feet!
Best Decorated: Megan C.’s plane was amazing and won for best decorated at the Jade House site.

Quakertown House:
Longest Flight: Congratulations to Stanley M., whose plane soared for 33 feet!
Best Decorated: Lila C. took the top prize at Quakertown House for her great looking plane!

Longest Flight: Richard E.’s plane flew for an astounding 55 feet!
Best Decorated:  Terri Ann J.’s plane looked amazing and won the best decorated plane for Pathways!

Philadelphia West 1 & 2:
Longest Flight: Congratulations to Marcus B. who flew his plane for 10 feet!
Best Decorated: Clarence J.’s plane took the prize for best decoration at his site.

Philadelphia South:
Longest Flight: Great job, Teddy H.!  His plane flew for 12 feet.
Best Decorated: Teddy H. also received the award for best decorated plane at his site!


Overall, Richard E. won the trophy for longest flight with an incredible 55 feet in length!  The following sites will share in an upcoming pizza party for their efforts: Philadelphia South, Action Recovery Jade House, Quakertown House Zone 2 Lower Level, Pathways, and the Mount Trexler Manor 400 Wing.  Special congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to all of our staff for assisting with the event!


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