During the last full week of April, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery hosted multiple staff meetings to offer an overview of last year’s progress and review upcoming goals through 2020.  Residential, clinical, and administrative staff gathered from our Lehigh, Bucks, and Philadelphia County sites to hear of recent successes within the organization and to further understand our larger shared goals as we continue to grow supports for residents.

After reviewing the corporate mission and vision, leaders offered an overview of New Vitae’s unique qualifications as a behavioral health provider, including the varied and experienced staff, a customized approach to care, and our dedication to services for hope and healing.  The creativity and commitment to service shared by all New Vitae staff members was emphasized and explored; these qualities were traced back to our founder, Anne Mills, MSW.  Participants offered memories of Ms. Mills’ compassion and fortitude, with a reminder of her treatment motto: “Focus on the wellness.”  This is still reflected in the strength-based services offered across the organization today.

Following review of last year’s organizational goals, two challenge goals were identified for our staff of over 300 employees:

1.  Reduce Avoidable Psychiatric Hospitalization Days: Recognizing hospitalizations as detrimental to recovery, New Vitae is committed to maintaining residents’ safety while engaging creativity and looking for solutions to reduce the number of days of inpatient support use.

2. Increasing Employee Retention: Leaders are emphasizing the importance of each employee as a team member and central to assisting residents with their recovery goals.   Employee benefits, including tuition reimbursement, online learning systems, and career pathways will be further developed as the year progresses.  The encouragement of leaders at each site will further assist with growing future leadership in the face of expected workforce shortages over the next decade.

While several meaningful topics were explored, employees also had the opportunity to meet in-person with colleagues from other sites, share a springtime snack of water ice, and participate in a raffle for spirit wear and gifts on behalf of our corporate leaders.  It was a fantastic opportunity to carry on the New Vitae tradition of investing in our valued employees and thus investing in resident care.  Thank you to all who share in our corporate mission: Serving communities by promoting hope, health, and wellness! For behavioral health treatment, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.