Happy Nurses Week!  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to celebrate our nurses!  Our nursing staff is dedicated to holistic wellness for our community, and shares a desire to assist with achieving and maintaining good physical and behavioral health practices.  This week, we wanted to recognize the contributions of nurses and emphasize the benefits of nursing in our community:

•    Nurses and nursing staff routinely meet with our residents in order to assist with ailments, track vital signs, give medications and injections, and offer supportive counseling in order to help with achievement of personal goals.
•    Our nursing staff assists us with maintaining an infection control program, working to ensure that our clinical and residential environments are safe.
•    Nurses work as leaders to assist with effective organizational functions within our company.
•    Nurses assist with design and delivery of training for our community.
•    Nurses organize and provide yearly flu shots for staff wellness.
•    Our nursing staff provides one-to-one support for individuals experiencing physical or emotional stressors, offering a feeling of safety and compassion in times of crisis.

For all of these reasons, we are glad to be able to celebrate the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff of nurses and nursing support positions as well as nurses in the larger community.  Thank you so much for all of your compassion, dedication, and wisdom! Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today to learn about our behavioral health treatment programs.