New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to announce the opening of our new gym facility, the New Vitae Fitness Center!

On February 4th, 2016, over sixty residents and staff members celebrated the event that included fun activities, prizes, and healthy snacks.  All participants received a specially designed New Vitae Fitness gym towel to commemorate the fun.  Staff members were on hand to review the function of each of the machines, and unveil a new fitness class schedule that includes yoga, flexibility and stretching, and weight training classes.

Bill Leiner, Jr., Director of Wellness for Mount Trexler Manor, emceed the event and reviewed the benefits of holistic health practices.  Attendees were especially excited to try the new elliptical machines, stationary bicylces, and other pieces of equipment.

Scott Steffie, staff member at Mount Trexler Manor, had the honor of cutting the ribbon for the event.  Scott suggested the winning gym name in a community-wide naming contest earlier this year.  The gym, now officially titled “New Vitae Fitness,” is available for residents and staff to utilize to improve their physical fitness and achieve holistic health!  Residents and staff were excited to have the newly refurbished gym officially open! Contact us to learn more about our residential treatment programs.