New Vitae Wellness and Recovery: Movement Group

October 27, 2020

For over three years, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been pleased to offer a Movement Group as one of several supportive activity options for personal wellness.  Group members have the opportunity to learn choreographed movements and participate in free expression activities with group leader Brianna Norton, LCSW, MSW, CBIS.  In addition to performing during a number of New Vitae’s special events, including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day, members meet at their locations on a regular basis to encourage safely distanced social interaction and to obtain the varied benefits of consistent, creative movement.

Benefits of this style of group are well-documented.  The movement group permits members to connect to and express personal emotions that might be challenging to verbally discuss.  It also offers the physical health benefits associated with exercise, including increased flexibility, muscle strength, and improving cardiovascular health.  The group also promotes personal discipline and healthy boundaries.  Of course, encouraging participation within the group also builds social skills and connections that can carry over after the day’s group ends.

Brianna Norton, the group’s leader, checks in with each participant at the start of the session, asking each resident to identify his/her mood before warming up as a group.  Steps are reviewed consistently throughout the course of the rest of the group.  The Movement Group functions as a fantastic way to explore and achieve wellness goals associated with recovery.  Members enjoy voting for the next song and selecting costumes for upcoming performances!

After assessing and identifying means to continue with the group safely despite the challenges of COVID-19, the group is proud to share the following Halloween-themed video that reflects the dedication and work of each member.  Special thanks to Brianna Norton for leading the group and consistently supporting the self-expression and health of each group member!


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