In honor of May being recognized as National Armed Forces Month, New Vitae has dedicated a military mural in our Veterans Courtyard at New Vitae’s Pathways Program. Creator Erin Benninghoff, Pathways Lead Mentor, initiated the design planning in August of 2019. The mural honors each branch of the military as well as the veterans and reservists that are part of New Vitae’s supports.

During the initial planning stages, Erin solicited information, ideas and possible concepts from New Vitae’s veteran population to create a beautiful piece of art. “I was excited because I have always had a spot in my heart for those who serve in the military,” Erin said. “The mural tells the story of the history of America and our commitment to serving veterans at New Vitae.”

Erin reported that she was touched by the resident Veterans’ stories when discussing their experiences in the armed forces. During the mural’s dedication and in the coming weeks, all resident and staff Veterans at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery will be invited to add his/her handprint and to sign the wall. We are so happy to share Erin’s phenomenal work with our larger community!

For veterans’ mental health treatment, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.