New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Celebrates the Holidays with Management Staff

December 16, 2019

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s monthly Manager’s Meeting received a boost of holiday spirit!

On December 12th, managers from Bucks, Lehigh, and Philadelphia Counties met to celebrate the holidays.  In addition to an exchange of “Secret Santa” gifts, participants were able to vote for the “Best Wrapped,” “Most Creative,” “Funniest,” and “Best Handmade” gifts.  Winners received additional gifts which added to the fun.

Throughout the meeting, managers participated in holiday trivia games and other fun surprises, including an opportunity to make both candles and bath bombs with essential oils.  Morgan Essentials ME staff were present to teach participants about the benefits of various oils and to assist with the creation process.  Managers were able to take their items home to share with family.

Participants also enjoyed sharing a holiday lunch and the fellowship of the day.  Thanks to everyone for participating!

“I got stronger each day due to the possibilities and strength from being there.  My only regret is that I didn’t find New Vitae sooner.  Give yourself a chance.”

- Belinda J. (former resident)