New Vitae Commemorated June, 2020 as Pride Month

July 6, 2020

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was happy to commemorate June 2020 as Pride Month!  A wide variety of activities were hosted across our residential and clinical sites, drawing attention to the underlying meaning of the month and the numerous ways to celebrate the days.

Across the organization, staff members participated in the month by dressing in assigned colors to form a rainbow and sharing rainbow-colored heart stickers.  In addition to the typical colors, New Vitae’s rainbow included sites dressed in both black and brown: 

Additionally, our Philadelphia sites enjoyed using safe rainbow paints to create both t-shirts as well as decorated face masks.

Action Recovery residents enjoyed additional Pride activities during Structured Day services.  During June, staff members hosted a social group to discuss the importance of equality.  Group leaders also led conversations on how to best support LGBTQ rights.  

Residents at Quakertown House enjoyed a variety of Pride-themed projects, including baking rainbow-colored cupcakes and tie-dyed T-shirts:

Overall, residents enjoyed various activities to celebrate acceptance and further understand the meaning of Pride Month!  Thank you to everyone who celebrated Pride Month 2020 along with us!

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