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July 2017
News from New Vitae

Anniversary Appreciation Luncheon

On June 6th, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery leaders welcomed employees with ten or more years of service to a special luncheon at the Spinnerstown Hotel. Leaders relayed their appreciation for the dedication and loyalty of employees, sharing that more than 50 employees have maintained employment here for over ten years! Read More…


Infographic: The Impact of Exercise on Emotional Health

Many people know of the physical benefits of exercise, including weight loss, management of blood sugars, and a reduction in blood pressure. But exercise also has important benefits on mood, assists with reducing addictive behavior, and facilitates social connections. Take a closer look at the behavioral health benefits associated with regular exercise. Read More…

Quakertown Arts

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Participates in the 2017 Quakertown Arts Alive Festival

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery hosted a booth at the 2017 Arts Alive Festival in Quakertown on May 20th as a way to connect with our neighbors in the community. Staff engaged visitors with a fun art project, reviewing the value of creativity and non-traditional means of self-expression. Read More…

dTMS treatment

PBS Channel 39’s Close to Home: Depression Program

A relatively common behavioral health diagnosis, depression impacts a person’s mood, relationships, and daily life. Public Broadcasting Station Channel 39 in the Lehigh Valley examined the challenges associated with experiencing depressive symptoms and discussed related treatments. Two individuals of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation service asked to participate to review their positive experiences with this cutting edge treatment. Read More…

Rally in the Valley

Rally in the Valley — Allentown, Pennsylvania

A Lehigh Valley event to raise awareness and provide support for those challenged by addiction, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was a proud sponsor of the Rally in the Valley on May 20th, 2017. Offering a variety of guest speakers, entertainers, music, and vendors, the Rally in the Valley served as a fantastic opportunity to connect with individuals in recovery. Read More…

Employee Highlight

Michelle BeckMichelle Beck, MBA

After achieving success in a variety of healthcare positions, Michelle Beck, MBA, has been focused on successfully automating business practices. Her efforts to incorporate technology into healthcare resulted in numerous improved outcomes for service users. Since joining New Vitae Wellness and Recovery in 2016 as the Vice President of Business Operations, she has been laying the groundwork for organizational growth and development.

Learn more about Michelle Beck, MBA.

Spotlight: Quakertown House
Quakertown HouseQuakertown House is located in the heart of charming downtown Quakertown, Pennsylvania. It has served as a way to encourage residents’ community connections for over 25 years. Residents are able to participate in a variety of volunteer and paid employment opportunities while using the local YMCA, library, and parks in combination with accessing clinical behavioral health services. A large community garden, a comforting front porch, and a large veranda area all add to the community appeal of this large Victorian-styled residence.

Learn more about Quakertown House.



Did You Know?

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, three quarters of all behavioral health challenges begin prior to age 24; sadly, however, most adolescents and young adults are not getting the treatment they require for recovery and symptom management. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers specialized services for young adults in order to ensure trauma-informed care with a focus on socialization, education, and vocational growth. Learn more by visiting the Young Adult Services section of our website.

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