New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Trauma Liaison Specialist Joseph Foderaro has been awarded the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society’s Benjamin Rush Award for 2017.  This honor is bestowed upon a non-psychiatrist who has brought recognition to important topics in the field of behavioral health.  The Benjamin Rush Award is one of several honors distributed annually by the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society.  This year’s ceremony was held on Nov. 10 at the Philadelphia Racquet Club.

“New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been fortunate to have Joe’s assistance with designing our model of care and services,” said New Vitae President and CEO Judith Yanacek. “We are so happy to hear of his accomplishment and believe that he is very deserving of this prestigious award.”

Foderaro has spent more than 30 years of his career in a variety of clinical, administrative, and mentoring roles, focusing on providing expert recovery services for individuals who have experienced a variety of traumatic life events.  As one of the co-founders of the Sanctuary Model, he has assisted New Vitae Wellness and Recovery in designing trauma-informed and person-centered services that have extended to the day-to-day experiences of staff.  In addition to Foderaro’s consulting work for New Vitae, he also has led a number of staff trainings that have emphasized the varying needs of individuals in recovery.

“New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been proud to have Joe as a member of our team of professionals,” Yanacek stated.  “We wish to congratulate Joe as he receives the Benjamin Rush Award and hope that we continue to partner with him as New Vitae continues to develop supportive and innovative behavioral health services.”

About New Vitae Wellness and Recovery: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers a variety of behavioral health outpatient services, co-occurring addiction services, brain injury supports, and residential treatment facilities for adults. Emphasizing integrated and holistic healing options, all services are provided using the lens of the recovery model to ensure trauma-informed, strengths-based support. Our innovative, intensive care models blend clinical services with residential assistance to promote individualized wellness. New Vitae offers a continuum of housing options to maintain connections with local communities. We offer treatment tailored to the unique needs of individuals, including: veterans, young adults ages 18 to 25, and, through our Action Recovery services, individuals diagnosed with brain injuries, Autism Spectrum Disorders, or Intellectual DisAbilities. Our specialized services include Certified Peer Support, deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.