New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s 2020 Holiday Card Winners

December 18, 2020

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery recently completed our yearly holiday card contest!  Each year, residents are encouraged to utilize their creativity to design and create holiday cards.  The winning entries are selected and used as the organization’s holiday cards for that year.  Each entry earns the resident a five dollar “Thank You” award for participating; additional prizes are awarded to residents whose cards are selected for use!  We are happy to share the following winners with you!

1st place:  Patrick G. will receive $50


2nd place: Tie between Cephas C. and Richard E. – each will receive $30


3rd place: David S. will receive $20



Honorable Mention: Tony Y. and Cedar B. – each will receive $15

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery thanks all of the residents who entered the contest this year.  We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

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