On December 14th, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery enjoyed their holiday party at the local Brick Tavern restaurant.  Attendees were greeted with festive piano music, a beautiful buffet meal, and the camaraderie of colleagues.  Following the merrymaking, end-of-the-year awards were announced to many deserving employees.  The following is a list of winners for the year:

Employee of the Year for New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Mount Trexler Manor: Christina Ozorio.  Christina’s work focuses on helping others achieve and maintain personal wellness.  She assists the Director of Wellness with a variety of activities, and is consistently cheerful and willing to assist others.

Pictured: Christina Ozorio with William Leiner, Jr., Director of Wellness for Mount Trexler Manor

Employee of the Year for New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Quakertown House: Kyle Knight.  Kyle is a fun, energizing, and welcoming presence at Quakertown House.  He is flexible and helps with a variety of projects.  Kyle encourages residents to get active and involved, sponsors lots of in-house activities and takes residents on trips into the community.  He assists residents to achieve their personal dreams and goals.

Pictured: Kyle Night with Adele Lemak, Director of Social Services, Mount Trexler Manor and Quakertown House

Employee of the Year for New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Pathways: Emil Ferrer.  Emil works as the Lead Mentor for the Pathways service.  In his role, he has the opportunity to support individuals who are seeking increased independence.  His kindness and innate ability to form supportive relationships makes him a favorite staff member!

Pictured: Emil Ferrer with Cheryl Smith, Apartment Services Supervisor, Pathways

Employee of the Year for New Vitae Recovery Center: Deborah Hargreaves.  Deb facilitates groups in the clinic Partial Program.  Additionally, she meets with new service participants to gather history and information to personalize and customize services.  She also plays a part in keeping our sites safe as the clinic Safety Officer.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work is a model for her peers.

Pictured: Deborah Hargreaves with Kathi Eichman, Assistant Director, Recovery Clinic

Employee of the Year, Young Adult Services: Erin Benninghoff.  Erin works with young adults to assist with development of independent living skills and learning effective interpersonal skills.  Erin works as one of the Lead Mentors for young adults, assisting with medication questions, supporting personal growth, and sharing her gentle grace with everyone she meets.

Pictured: Tantrell Hunt, Assistant Director of Young Adult Services, and Erin Benninghoff

In addition to the Employee of the Year awards, both the Iris Award and the Pride Award were presented.  The Iris Award, named for the national flower symbolizing mental health, is presented to an individual who personifies an outstanding commitment to promoting recovery activities and who strives to assist with the goals of the individuals we support.  This year’s winner, Robert E. Smith Jr., works as the Coordinator of Mentoring and Activities at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Mount Trexler Manor.  Bob helps residents at the house, assisting to facilitate positive change and connections to the larger community.   His passion and enthusiasm to assist residents in their recovery goals is infectious.

Pictured: Judith Yanacek, President and CEO, and Robert Smith

Additionally, a new award was introduced.  Commemorating Anne Mills, the founder of New Vitae, the Pride Award recognizes innovation and ownership in one’s work.  The first winner is Matthew Wisser, the Director of Maintenance.  Matt works with a variety of staff to promote safety and beauty in the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery sites.  He brings ideas on saving energy and reducing costs and meets with outside contractors to facilitate pleasing structural improvements.

Pictured: Donna Devlin, Executive Administrator, Matthew Wisser, and Adam Devlin, Owner

Congratulations to all of the award winners, and special thanks to all of our employees for your hard work and dedication! For behavioral health treatment, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.