On Friday, October 16, 2015, Judith O. Yanacek, President and CEO of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, was invited by Haverford Trust Company to attend a speaker series for women at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia, PA.

The breakfast session, entitled Female Leadership: The Tale of Three Companies, was moderated by radio producer and broadcaster Susan Rocco from Women to Watch. The panel included three distinguished female leaders including Madeline Bell, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Amanda Steinberg, Founder of Daily Worth, and Binney Wietlesbach, President of Haverford Trust.

The female executives were open and direct throughout the discussion and emphasized balance, security, and purpose.  They spoke about the power of knowledge as a great equalizer. They all believe in playing a mentoring role, as mentors have helped them become who they are today.  Yanacek reports that it was an honor to participate in the event and looks forward to utilizing items from the discussion in the daily operations of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery!

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