New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Gingerbread House Contest for 2020

January 4, 2021

We hope that you had a happy and safe holiday!  This year, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery participated in a variety of fun activities to commemorate the season.  One activity was the employee Gingerbread House design competition!  Staff members were encouraged to pick up a gingerbread house kit provided by New Vitae to decorate either independently or with their family members for a chance to win Visa Gift Card prizes.  We are happy to report that we had over 30 entries this year – a phenomenal response!  Winners and their entries are included below:

Overall winner: Joanne Leber, Recovery Center


Prettiest Houses:
1st Place: Shannon Garguilo, Recovery Center

2nd Place: Nadia Belkir, Mount Trexler Manor


3rd Place: Elana Brandis, Mount Trexler Manor

Most Creative Houses:
1st Place: Todd Hall, Quakertown House


2nd Place: Destinee Mulero, Philadelphia West 1 RTFA


3rd Place: Amy Giandomenico, Quakertown House

Most New Vitae Spirit:
1st Place: Adiam Ogbagiorgis, Philadelphia West 1 RTFA

2nd Place: Kourtney Rex, Action Recovery


3rd Place: Danielle Garguilo, Pathways


All of the other entries were entered into a large raffle.  Raffle winters included: Anna Sanz, Mount Trexler Manor; Kathi Eichman, Administration; Katrina Rodenbach, Human Resources; Tracy Semmel, Recovery Center; Marisa Tilley, Philadelphia West 2 RTFA; Brianna White, Quakertown House; and Diana Amaro, Mount Trexler Manor.

As we move past the 2020 holiday season, we wish you a peaceful, happy, and healthy New Year!  Special thanks to all of our employees who entered this year’s competition!  Enjoy your beautiful and tasty gingerbread houses!

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