New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Lehigh and Bucks County sites celebrated Founder’s/Staff Appreciation Day 2019 on Thursday, June 20th.  A way to commemorate the start of New Vitae’s services over 35 years ago, it has become a day to honor the work of our clinicians, staff, and employees who assist with facilitating the organization’s mission and vision.  Using a luau theme, leaders celebrated and thanked staff members for their continuing support, emphasizing the value of teamwork and cooperation throughout a variety of activities.

Participants shared and developed peer connections by engaging in friendly competition during brief sessions designed to encourage cross-communication and collaboration.  Through a variety of team-based games, employees could engage in physical activities and build peer relationships while creating new memories.  Participants also painted “Recovery Rocks” with inspirational words and images to share with others or in sites’ rock gardens.  Corporate leaders reviewed the benefits of a variety of herbs, including rosemary, cinnamon, and other plants, encouraging employees to learn the benefits of gardening firsthand, and to keep the plants for use in their homes.  Chair massages from licensed therapists were available throughout the day, combining the benefits of relaxation with the fun of the event.

Employees were also treated to a fantastic picnic lunch, with grilled and cold options to satisfy varied appetites.  Raffle winners for prizes that included gift cards, tickets, diffusers, oils, and a salt lamp were also drawn as a means to thank the staff for their continued dedication and service.  To supplement these gifts, every employee was given a backpack with special rewards to commemorate their time with the company.  Pins, T-shirts, and other items were awarded to each staff member as an additional thank you.

The day was filled with meaningful messages of appreciation for all of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s staff members.  Thank you again to all of our employees: your work enables us to live our mission of serving communities by promoting hope, health, and wellness. Contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.