On January 10th, Cheryl Smith, the Pathways Apartment Services Supervisor for New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, led a Monthly Adult Forum discussion at the Presbyterian Church of Catasauqua.  The conversation centered on symptoms of clinical depression and reducing the stigma associated with treatment.  There were several teaching moments, including the concept of using faith and Church communities as wellness supports.

Cheryl used the opportunity to provide education about the Sanctuary Model and ways to maintain personal safety, offering comfort to those who participated in the forum.  The group supported one another, sharing information and encouraging people with depression to consider approaching a doctor or other specialist to receive treatment.  Cheryl reviewed holistic treatments, including the importance of nutrition and activity to care for the body and mind.

“I enjoyed speaking with the group members to facilitate conversation and shared experiences,” Cheryl notes.  “Being a part of a Church community creates a group of natural supporters for those who may experience symptoms of depression.”

The conversation was so well received that Cheryl will be leading a second forum on February 14th!  Cheryl is looking forward to continuing the discussion and connecting with the local community.

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