New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was pleased to be the Gold Sponsor for the Rush Hope Foundation’s presentation of Mr. Ron James’ film, Choices, on February 5th, 2019. The evening included a screening of the film, discussion with Mr. James, a performance by actor and singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., and various experts who had both personal and professional experience with substance use disorder.  The event offered community members an opportunity to learn more about the treatment options and challenges associated with substance use.

Following arrival and check in, participants engaged in a panel discussion that included New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s William Leiner, MS, RN, an ANCC-certified psychiatric nurse with over 35 years of varied experience in behavioral healthcare.  Leiner, who is also a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses National Addictions Council, was able to provide unique insight, combining his clinical experience with his family’s lived experiences with substance use.  Following the conversation, guests had the opportunity to hear Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., winner of America’s Got Talent Season 6, before screening the moving and thought provoking film, Choices.  Additional panel speakers as well as Mr. James himself had the opportunity to discuss the film and lead a question and answer style discussion regarding the film’s themes.

The event had a significant impact on participants, offering insight into community concepts regarding the challenges associated with drug and alcohol use and addiction. Mr. James, who spent 25 years in and out of prison as a result of drug use, contributed a unique and moving perspective regarding his own choices that resulted in years of emotional pain.  He made a commitment to sobriety in 2012, and has since utilized his faith as a means of recovery.  His story, in addition to the other speakers and audience members, offered the opportunity to encourage additional supports for individuals and families impacted by substance use.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery wishes to thank The Rush Hope Foundation as well as everyone who participated in the evening’s event! For behavioral and mental health treatment, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.