COVID-19: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Brings the Beach to Residents

September 4, 2020

New Vitae has been proud to offer a yearly trip to Cape May, New Jersey, for our residents.  For the last 35 years, the trip has been a way for residents to vacation in popular beach spots with friends while sampling the best of the New Jersey shores.  A home away from home, the Inn at Cape May has served as our residents’ starting point for daily trips and activities in Cape May, Wildwood, and other popular beach sites, thoughtfully planned by our enthusiastic and caring staff members.

Sadly, as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents will not be able to attend the trip this year.  When it became clear that our teams would not be able to follow through with the vacation away, leaders at New Vitae began planning a fun way to celebrate while ensuring the safety of our residents and staff.  A beach-themed party was planned for the sites!

On the afternoons of September 2nd and 3rd, staff and residents enjoyed an outdoor party at their site.  Beachy music, including “On the Way to Cape May,” and several Beach Boys favorites were streamed to set the mood, with water ice and soft pretzels served as snacks.  T-shirts that read, “No Cape May 2020.  COVID-19 Broke our 36 Year Streak,” were shared as well as a beach-ball themed stress ball gift emblazoned with “#NewVitaeStrong.”  Residents enjoyed winning a variety of door prizes that represented the great times at the beach, including Cape May themed calendars, surf wear, fudge and taffy treats, and even a fun beach-themed statue!  Residents and staff celebrated in small groups, sharing their memories of past trips and building excitement for when we return!

Even the extended New Vitae community is saddened by the change in plans, but found ways to reconnect with residents!  A Sunset Beach store owner sent Cape May Diamonds for residents that included information about the beach and beautifully polished stones.  The Inn of Cape May also offered gifts for residents, sending framed postcards and a personalized card with hopeful messages to fill the interim until we can return to their beautiful space.  Their staff is sad that we are unable to attend this year, but hope to see us return soon!

While New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is also disappointed with the change in plans for this year, we know the importance of safe practices during the stress associated with COVID-19.  The pandemic may have put a pause in our fun, but we will be returning to enjoy the sun and surf.  In the meantime, we will continue to support our community throughout the challenges associated with the coronavirus.  Thank you to all of the vendors who welcome us year after year – we can’t wait to return for more fun in the sun!



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