New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was happy to continue the annual Cape May trip for the 35th year! Residents and staff were busy with many events planned throughout each day while also enjoying the historical city. Upon arrival at the beautiful Inn of Cape May on Sunday June 9th, attendees were able to explore the mall and boardwalk and later watched the sunset on the beach. It was the perfect kickstart to the eventful week ahead!

Throughout the week, residents and staff could relax on the beach or at the pool or enjoy different pre-planned activities.  Daily schedules offered a variety of options, including: a trolley tour, dining at a lobster house, visiting the zoo, seeing a show at the local theatre, a view from the lighthouse, playing miniature golf, visiting Wildwood, making crafts, and even boarding a boat for a dolphin watch! Attendees were excited about each day and looked forward to each activity.    Whether it was a resident’s first time exploring Cape May or his/her 35th time, residents reported enjoying the trip and hoped to return in the future.

The annual trip to Cape May provides additional supports for recovery.  Having the opportunity to travel offers wellness benefits, including the chance to socialize, experience new activities, and further connect with nature.  The holiday offered a break from daily stresses and gave participants the opportunity to have fun and relax in a peaceful environment.

We look forward to continuing the annual Cape May trip and can’t wait for next year! For information on our residential treatment program, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today.