On January 19th, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery hosted Yvonne Caputo, administrator of the New Vitae corporate Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Penn Foundation, to provide additional interactive training and support regarding personal and professional boundaries.  Ms. Caputo initiated the discussion with a definition of healthy boundaries, asking the audience to define various situations resulting in unsafe boundaries.  The staff also shared their definitions regarding types of boundaries, leading to a rich conversation regarding the value of self-awareness and ways to ensure safe boundaries at work and at home.

Using examples, Ms. Caputo guided the audience to discuss information sharing with service users, identifying the difference between normalizing and validating experiences vs. oversharing personal information.  Participants were also asked to review a list of behaviors that could violate interpersonal boundaries as a means to further explore the challenges associated with navigating a variety of relationships.  The training ended with a thorough review of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s corporate code of ethics policy as a way to incorporate the training concepts into a range of safe, ethical behaviors espoused by New Vitae.  Overall, participants were able to convene and problem solve together while revisiting this important topic.  Special thanks to Ms. Caputo for leading the conversation!

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