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August 2019
News from New Vitae

Treatment for Veterans with Depression or Early-Stage Dementia

New Vitae offers low-cost, person-centered services for Veterans in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, including those who may experience depression or dementia. Learn more about these diagnoses and the preferred support options.

Founder's Day

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Celebrated Founder’s/Staff Appreciation Day

New Vitae commemorated our staff and our history of over 35 years of service on June 20, 2019. Leaders thanked staff members for their support and dedication to residents’ recovery goals and the larger outpatient services community. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offered various wellness gifts to celebrate the day, including chair massages, pins for service, and other rewards while sharing activities for team-building.


New Vitae Wellness and Recovery and the Benefits of Gardening

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers opportunities for gardening at our residential sites. From planting and caring for tomato and bean plants to growing flowers and several types of flowering plants, learn more about the direct physical and emotional benefits of gardening!

Cape May

Enjoying our Travel Plans: Cape May, New Jersey

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery enjoyed our 35th year of visiting Cape May, New Jersey. Residents and staff had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of beach activities, tour the historic town, and even take a dolphin watch expedition! Socialization, connection with nature, and trying new activities facilitated additional wellness opportunities for all of the participants.


A Summer Evening with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Several New Vitae Wellness and Recovery residents had the opportunity to attend a recent Lehigh Valley IronPigs game! Thanks to the generosity of NAMI Lehigh Valley, residents had the opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and food at the park while reminiscing about their favorite baseball teams and enjoying each other’s company.

Save the Date

Heather Hayes

Save the date for the morning of October 4, 2019 when New Vitae will present Heather Hayes (Clinician, Hostage Negotiator and Psychological Profiler) who will speak about the parallels between her work as a hostage negotiator, and a nation held hostage by addiction. Stay tuned for more information.

Employee Highlight

Amy RudisillAmy Rudisill, LPC

New Vitae’s Recovery Center, located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of clinical supports and services for our residents and the larger community. Amy Rudisill, LPC, the Director of the Recovery Center, offers guidance and assistance to ensure the highest quality of services as well as to assist others with personal and professional goals. Amy’s background of service to others and her vision for the growth of New Vitae’s supports has resulted in continued commitment to shared recovery.

Learn more about Amy Rudisill, LPC.

Spotlight: Overview of Services
Overview of ServiceFor over thirty-five years, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has provided a continuum of residential and clinical supports that can be tailored to individual preferences and goals. Offering specialized services for Veterans, Young Adults, and individuals who experience challenges due to behavioral health, addiction, or brain injury symptoms, we are proud to be able to assist our residents and clients with achieving a personal vision of recovery.

Learn more about New Vitae’s variety of services.

Did You Know?

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery commemorated the month of June as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. Special supports were offered to a number of our residents, including the Veterans who participate in our residential and clinical services. Learn more about PTSD, our Veteran support options, and New Vitae’s plans to provide neurofeedback sessions to assist Veterans and other individuals who encounter the results of traumatic events.

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