Action Recovery Brain Injury Service Offers Education to Business Leaders

June 20, 2018

Special thanks to Jennifer Searing, MA, ATR, CBIS, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery's Assistant Director of Action Recovery, for delivering an interactive presentation on brain injury treatment to the Quakertown Tip Club on June 20, 2018!  Emphasizing both outreach and education, Ms. Searing provided an overview of the types and causes of brain injuries, statistics, and outcomes.  Ms. Searing also reviewed various supports, including those offered at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery: Action Recovery, and answered questions for the participants in attendance.  Each attendee was given informational handouts as well as a squeeze ball shaped like a brain to commemorate the conversation.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff appreciated the opportunity to meet with community leaders to offer education and reduce the impact of brain injury.

"I have battled depression my entire life.  The older I became, the worse the symptoms got.  I was feeling totally hopeless.  Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at New Vitae saved my life."

- John M. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)