New Vitae Wellness and Recovery leaders hosted holiday parties in gratitude for the contributions of staff members on December 12th and 18th.  Employees were invited to enjoy lunch, win door prizes, mingle with peers, and listen to holiday carols.  The parties marked the corporate-wide debut of seven videos that highlight our supportive residential behavioral health services, and proudly feature various residents and staff.  In addition, Judith Yanacek, President and CEO of New Vitae, reviewed the company’s progress toward goals established in 2017, and offered a glimpse at next steps that will guide the organization in 2018.

One of many highpoints during the events was the announcement of the 2017 Employee Award winners, including:

Recovery Center, Quakertown: Adele Lemak
Adele serves as the Office Manager at the Quakertown Recovery Center.  Adele plays a key role in the admissions process and assists with billing and benefits management.  She performs a variety of administrative roles and is consistently kind and helpful.

Quakertown House/Pathways: David Side
David is a Care Coordinator Supervisor at Quakertown House.  He supports residents on a daily basis with goal achievement and with arranging services to ensure holistic care.  His empathy and thoughtfulness has improved the lives of many residents.

Mount Trexler Manor/Action Recovery: Anna Sanz
Anna works as a mentor to support individuals living at Mount Trexler Manor.  Anna helps residents to develop a variety of independent living skills.  Her hard-working nature and “can do” attitude have made Anna a favorite of both residents and peers.

Philadelphia RTFA Program: Sandra Whiting
Sandra does an incredible job as a Care Coordinator for our Philadelphia site.  Her support and dedication to helping others has resulted in facilitating recovery for residents.  She is especially talented at welcoming others and providing needed encouragement for change.

Administrative Services, Corporate-wide: William Green
Bill is reliable and always willing to help the organization take next steps to success.  In his role as Assistant Director of Quality and Compliance, he has written policies, ensured environmental safety, and assisted with accreditation tasks.

Two additional awards were given that are especially meaningful to our corporate culture.  The first, the Iris Award, named for the flower symbolizing behavioral health, was presented to Kathi Eichman.  Kathi is the Director of Quality and Compliance.  Her dedication and passion for service to others has resulted in her participation in key projects throughout the company.  Her drive and hard work has facilitated a number of important initiatives throughout the company, including CARF accreditation for the Action Recovery Service.

The Pride Award celebrates innovation and ownership of one’s work.  The 2017 Pride Award winner is Kevin Miller, Veterans’ Housing Services Coordinator.  He works to support Veterans and other residents throughout the company, often serving in dual roles and assisting with environmental development.  His history of service helps him to build connections for Veterans.

In addition to all of these employee award winners, Residents’ Choice Award winners were announced, including:

Mount Trexler Manor: Robert Smith
Quakertown House: Brian Considine
Pathways: Emil Ferrer
Philadelphia: Sandra Whiting (The first time an Employee of the Year is also a Residents’ Choice winner!)

Overall, the events served as a fun way to commemorate the service of our staff.  Thank you to all of our employees for your dedication, support, and expertise in helping our residents!  Additional thanks to The Proper Brewing Company in Quakertown for helping to host this year’s events!  For addiction, mental health, and behavioral health treatment, contact New Vitae Wellness and Recovery today at 610-965-9021.