New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is happy to announce that its Action Recovery program has successfully achieved CARF International accreditation. Accreditation from CARF, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, signifies New Vitae’s strong commitment to rigorous quality standards and service expectations for their brain injury supports.

“Action Recovery services have continued to grow and develop to ensure individualized, quality care for individuals who experience brain injuries or other long-term diagnoses,” said New Vitae President and CEO Judith Yanacek. “We see CARF accreditation as a natural next step in ensuring the highest quality services to the residents we serve in our Action Recovery program.”

Action Recovery’s services include customized services to facilitate wellness following a variety of diagnoses.  Staff members have specialized experience to best assist individuals who have experienced car accidents, falls, or other head trauma. Services are designed to emphasize personal strengths to gradually improve independent living skills, manage symptoms of depression or anxiety, and to learn new vocational skills to support a return to community living. Action Recovery currently offers the option of two different living spaces: one located in Limeport that caters to individuals seeking a higher level of support, and one in Quakertown that facilitates a gradual return to more independent living.

“We are very proud and excited to take this next step in the development of our Action Recovery services,” Yanacek said. “We hope to replicate the successes of individuals in the Action Recovery program, and wish to offer our deepest thanks to all of the staff members responsible for assisting with the accreditation process.”

About New Vitae Wellness and Recovery: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers a variety of behavioral health outpatient services, co-occurring addiction services, brain injury supports, and residential treatment facilities for adults. Emphasizing integrated and holistic healing options, all services are provided using the lens of the recovery model to ensure trauma-informed, strengths-based support. Our innovative, intensive care models blend clinical services with residential assistance to promote individualized wellness. New Vitae offers a continuum of housing options to maintain connections with local communities. We offer treatment tailored to the unique needs of individuals, including: veterans, young adults ages 18 to 25, and, through our Action Recovery services, individuals diagnosed with brain injuries, Autism Spectrum Disorders, or Intellectual DisAbilities. Our specialized services include Certified Peer Support, deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.

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