Each year, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery invites its residents to participate in a variety of holiday events; one of the most popular activities is our holiday card contest!  The winner’s design is used as our corporate holiday greeting for the year, and everyone who participates receives prize money that can be spent during the holiday season.  For 2021, 56 of New Vitae’s residents participated in the fun!  We are proud to share this year’s winners:

First place, with a prize of 50 dollars, was tied with two cards selected as winners:

Cedar B. from Mount Trexler Manor and Erin V. from Action Recovery:

…and Ben D. from our Pathways program:

Our second-place winners received twenty-five dollars in prize money. We had another tie between:

Dave S. from our Pathways program:

…and Patrick G. from our Pathways program:

Third place also resulted in a tie.  Our third-place winners received fifteen dollars, and included:

Mike L. from Mount Trexler Manor:

…and Kylee M. from Action Recovery:

In addition to the top prizes, there were so many great entries that New Vitae awarded the following residents with “Honorable Mention” prizes of ten dollars each:  Julia N. and Jim H. from Quakertown House, Danny B. and Frank Q. from Action Recovery, David H. from our Philadelphia West location, and Jim W. from our Pathways program.

Thank you to all of our residents and staff who assisted with the contest this year!  We hope that these designs bring you happiness and joy during the holidays!