Estate Planning and Addiction Recovery

November 16, 2018

On November 8th, 2018, Todd Barlow, MS, LPC, CAADC, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Clinical Director, was welcomed as a guest speaker for an Estate Planning Council of the Lehigh Valley event.  The day’s discussion, entitled, “Estate Planning and Addiction Recovery,” focused on the particular challenges associated with the intersection of recovery from addiction and estate planning constructs.  

Guests had the opportunity to meet at the Steel Club in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, to review various topics associated with recovery from addiction.  Challenging family situations, the establishment of wills and trusts, and the unique nature of addiction and recovery were presented to estate planners, including accountants and attorneys.  John Schaeffer III, Esquire, assisted with reviewing the legal challenges families may encounter, while Mr. Barlow emphasized the specific physical and behavioral health concerns associated with addiction.

Approximately fifty audience members participated in the event.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was happy to be able to share in the day’s conversation!


“As parents, we are thankful and appreciative that our son is in Mt. Trexler Manor; it is safe, meets his needs, and is responsive and sensitive to any needs he might have.  We are always involved in any decisions, and the staff responds to any requests in a timely manner.”

- Robert and Lucille H. (parents)