veterans behavioral health servicesNew Vitae Recovery and Wellness is honored to help those who serve our country:  Veterans who are recently returning from world conflict as well as those with longer-term needs.  Our services include comprehensive behavioral, co-occurring, and addiction treatment in addition to supportive residential opportunities to promote recovery and personal resiliency.  While all of our services are holistic and personalized, care for Veterans is further customized to respond to the specific needs of service men and women.  We are fortunate to employ Veterans who understand the needs, concerns and experiences associated with military culture.  We work with Veterans to ease their initial transition to services, and then continuously respond to preferences throughout their length of stay.  New Vitae Recovery and Wellness services encourage progression throughout treatment in order to gradually decrease supports at an individual pace.  Whether you are newly returning from combat or are seeking other care options, our staff incorporates trauma-informed techniques while recognizing the individuality of each service person’s experiences.  Assistance is always available to maintain important contacts and establish new community connections with others who have served and Veteran support agencies.  We feel fortunate to sponsor a variety of wellness services in order to ensure continued well-being for Veterans and their families.  
Admissions:  We are happy to assist with contacting your local Veteran’s Administration office to facilitate your use of our services.  We can also work with you to determine your preferences related to housing options.
Community:  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Veteran services grew out of a need to assist Veterans who have experienced homelessness and are looking for mental health supports.   We are honored to serve Veterans of any world conflict as well as those who were not involved in active combat.  Our Veteran community extends to each of our residential behavioral health options.  We share contacts with a variety of local Veterans Affairs offices in order to stay connected and updated with information and opportunities for Veterans.
Person-Centered Supports: Our strengths-based assessment process will assist with selecting services that fit specific needs.  Mentoring services, physician appointments, individual therapy, and other supports will be customized.  Our teams work together to assist with personal transitions while keeping members connected to the people and places you value the most.
Financial Information: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff is able to work with you to identify avenues for payment.   
You have the strength and integrity to provide past service to our country.  Let us assist you with achieving your personal wellness goals.

New Vitae is a valued partner in our programs and we are pleased with the success that we have seen in our first year of partnership with them.  We expect to continue our relationship with New Vitae as we expand our outreach…we have found New Vitae to be a great partner and an effective method of helping our Veterans and their families deal with the various debilitating effects of PTSD and co-occurring drug and alcohol conditions that haunt their lives.”
Richard Hamp, SGM (Ret.), Director, Bureau of Programs, Initiatives, Reintegration and Outreach for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Office of Veterans Affairs

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"As a licensed clinical social worker and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor I am extremely proud to be a fellow team member at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery."

- David S. (Psychotherapist and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor)