Toby Tarquin-Stackhouse, BA

Phone: 610-965-9021 x244
Fax: 610-965-6227
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Toby’s drive to help others originally materialized as an interest in studying Physical Therapy.  However, after beginning to study psychology, she discovered a passion to develop her skills in the human services field and completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University.  In 1993, as she began working in the New Vitae Partial Hospitalization Program, Toby recognized and further developed her natural ability to connect with others and assist with participants’ recovery goals.  After holding various positions in the New Vitae continuum, Toby has accepted the role of Administrator of Quakertown House, providing daily support to staff and residents. Toby enjoys a variety of hobbies in her spare time, including attending local sports events, traveling, and cooking.  She is actively involved with a variety of volunteer organizations, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Toby’s goals for the future include advancing New Vitae’s services using her varied skill sets and to continue to provide dedicated leadership to employees.  Toby is thankful to have had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from the many individuals she has worked with, and looks forward to additional opportunities for building community.

"I had Major Depression, anxiety, (and) PTSD.  Through deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment, the support of my wife, and the care from New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center staff, I got my life back."

- Mike D. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)