David Rush, BA

Email: drush@newvitaewellness.com
Phone: 610-965-9021 x226
Fax: 610-965-6227
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Dave was drawn to helping people at an early age through volunteerism and helping his peers.  As Dave became more involved and aware of the behavioral health community he was driven to pursue his education in psychology.  Dave is a graduate of Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  He elected to pursue a career in the field of behavioral health while working with adolescents and witnessing the impact of personal trauma on their lives.  He joined the team at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery in 2006.  Dave initially provided support to the New Vitae Young Adult services before branching into other roles within New Vitae Wellness and Recovery.  Currently, Dave is the Administrator of Mount Trexler Manor.  He directly supports a variety of wellness and activity services for residents.  Dave enjoys learning and growing with the team of staff and colleagues he directly works with and sharing his knowledge with his staff.  In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family and parenting his 2 sons.  In addition to spending time with his family, Dave enjoys recreational sports such as basketball and golf.

“I have been living here at Quakertown House for almost 23 years and to me Quakertown House is home, that kind of sums it up.”

- Dave P. (resident)