US Representative Susan Wild Visits New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

February 25, 2019

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was honored to host a visit from United States Representative Susan Wild, who serves Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.  Representative Wild, along with her aide, visited Mount Trexler Manor on Friday, February 22nd in order to learn more about the variety of residential supports available through New Vitae’s services.

Wild, who recently opened two local offices in Easton and Allentown, has demonstrated her dedication to ensuring quality health services for those with pre-existing conditions through her support of the Affordable Care Act.  Representative Wild was recently appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee as well as the House Committee on Education and Labor.  She plans to have a strong and lasting impact on both local and diplomatic affairs.

Representative Wild had an opportunity to tour Mount Trexler Manor, meeting with several staff and residents to learn more about our holistic, trauma-informed system of supports.  Our staff was excited to show Representative Wild the options for individualized care and spoke about the possibilities associated with services offered by our Quakertown Recovery Center. 

Thank you for your visit Representative Wild!  Your efforts to build resources for health and wellness for our community are appreciated!


“I have been living here at Quakertown House for almost 23 years and to me Quakertown House is home, that kind of sums it up.”

- Dave P. (resident)