Team Player Style and Group Dynamics Training

January 18, 2018

On January 18th, 2018, Jennifer Britland, MS, New Vitae's Director of Training, offered valuable training on team communication and successful teamwork.  Disucssion focused on identification of one’s own team player style and the ways to best engage other employees when working in groups.

Participants were asked to take a brief self-assessment to identify employees as one of four team player styles: Communicators, Challengers, Collaborators, and Contributors.  Each type uses critical strengths and encounters specific challenges when navigating a group process.  Members of each group style were asked to consider concerns associated with working with individuals who identified as different styles, as well as ways to overcome conflict related to one’s preferred ways of interaction.

As a final topic, employees reviewed the five stages of group development known as Cog’s Ladder.  All groups develop over time, from an introductory "Polite" phase to the "Espirit" phase, where members all work together with top efficiency.  The group reviewed challenges to achieving this final phase, but agreed that the Espirit phase benefits of group loyalty, high morale for members, and improved creativity would be valuable to achieve team goals.

Overall, the training offered valuable information and insight, furthering the conversation of respectful communication between staff members.  Ms. Britland engaged the audience in an interactive conversation, working with the group to problem solve and improve workgroup dynamics.  She encouraged employees to increase their awareness of their own and other styles to develop top teams at work.  Thank you for the great training, Jennifer!


"As a staff member, I have learned a lot about mental health and I have witnessed many residents transform from a place of fear and paranoia to becoming outgoing, secure, content and able to hold a job in the community and much more.”

- Cathy K. (staff)